Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Oh my word,was my phone full of pictures.
(the videos are a bit off... they would not cooperate getting into chronological order!)

We came back from P.E. on a Friday afternoon in April and the kids were so engrossed in their math games from earlier in the afternoon that they wanted to continue right up until 3:20 pm. 

Morning announcements :)

Doing a little research during Guided Reading Group

Dr. Seuss tribute

Fourth grade Buddies visit

The leprechaun brought the Kinders a special snack :) 

My pot of gold 

Planting our seeds

"How many am I hiding?" 

Another birthday on our morning announcements

Magnifying glasses in GRG 

Botanists observing their plants' growth 

SMASH IT! Subtraction

Reading Group :)
Like they are having a book club meeting at the coffee house!

Subtraction BOWLING

Birthday announcement!

Reading groups with stuffies :) 

More plant observations 

Programmable BOTS

Math creations with 2D shapes

Playdough masterpieces

Research for our informative writing pieces 

More research... seeing a live rabbit :) 

All in the name of accurate reporting!

Flashlights for reading groups

Observing our caterpillars

Spotlight search

This was all part of an AMAZING Science lesson that Miss Madison taught :) 

We love Miss Madison so much!!

Morning time creations 


The second of Miss Madison's Science lessons

Literacy Centers


 This SHOULD be the last picture of this post because we took it yesterday but the following are things that just would not cooperate and get into chronological order for me ;)

 I taught the Kinders how to play jacks :) 

Directed drawing

Dr. Seuss Week

Happy Wednesday!